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The city is yours! Buy a Romet SCMB 125 and don't waste your time in traffic jams.

Do you have a driving licence for a car? You can join a motorcycle family and save time by avoiding traffic jams! Romet is launching a special campaign under the patronage of the Świat Motocykli magazine.

Discover your motorcycle spirit with one of Romet’s 400 Series motorcycles.

Romet’s product range also includes interesting motorcycles for discerning bikers. Looking for a machine that can impress you right from the start? Or perhaps you’d like to experience a motorcycle trip on your own? Check out the Classic 400 and Adv 400 range and discover which features of the Romet’s 400 Series inspire you the most. The highest capacity class in our portfolio, which requires driving licence Category A2.

Romet ZK 125FX Works Everywhere – Ride Report

Lightweight, pleasing to the eye, pocket-friendly and easy to use – this is the best way to describe the new version of Romet’s popular “Zetka” from the pragmatic point of view.

The market focuses on electric vehicles - Romet 6E, electric motorcycle and e-Bikes at Electronics Show 2018.

The Electronics Show is the largest consumer electronics fair in Poland, held in Warsaw. The event was an excellent opportunity to learn about the amazing possibilities of modern technologies.

Franchise System

During the upcoming Franchise Forum in Poznań (May 23-25) Romet will present its franchise system. Currently The Romet Trade Network consists of 154 stores and is among the biggest franchise systems in Poland.

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