O grupie Romet Factory Team


The Romet Factory Team currently consists of 70 racers competing in disciplines such as MTB, Road, Triathlon, Enduro and DH. This season, they will race in national and international competitions, and they will test a large selection of the bikes included in the collection during training sessions and preparations for races.

The collaboration between the Factory Team and the Romet’s design department is now greater than ever before. Our strong team of cyclists is also supported by the highly committed R&D department, which participates in the systematic testing of equipment and models used in competitions. The best results are achieved thanks to the active participation of the whole team responsible for building the new collection in the process of creating models, implementing new solutions, and exchanging experience between the design department and the team. Testing remains one of the most-important factors determining the success of each model. Testing models on the toughest and most-demanding routes is a crucial process in realising new visions, and has its beginnings in the R&D department. The Romet Factory Team then has the opportunity to try out the bikes against their competitors. This is how we create Romet collections for our users.