We have introduced the following technologies in the Romet 2019 collection:

Electric assist
We have used 2 versions of Shimano engines, and have developed special frame designs to use their potential as a drive for the City, Trekking, and MTB models. The STEPS systems are tailored to specific solutions and applications of varying load levels. The system features robust software, three assist modes triggered by buttons or a lever, and an LCD display with an easy-to-use interface. An additional advantage is the WALK ASSIST system, which comes in useful when walking a loaded bicycle. SHIMANO STEPS has an efficient charging system, reaching 80% of the battery capacity after two hours of being connected, allowing you to recharge your e-bike when taking a break.

We consistently use the painstaking and costly pre-preg technology to provide the highest durability. The ability to laminate the frame piece by piece enables the accurate placement of the material in accordance with the shape of the frame and the load distribution. Such accurate fibre distribution ensures maximum strength while maintaining minimum weight.

The applied technologies guarantee the effectiveness of our frames, not only in competitions but also in everyday use.

Hydroforming Aluminium
The hot hydroforming of aluminium profiles using oil allows the shaping of the optimum cross-sectional structure and reduces the frame’s weight, making the design lighter, more efficient, and visually appealing.

Plus Technology
Plus is the standard for tyres with an increased volume. It increases the area of contact with the ground, improving traction and suspension. Thanks to this, we make a bike which is faster on turns and less sensitive to bumps.

Boost technology
Together with Plus tyres on Romet bikes, we use the Boost standard, which provides an increase in the spacing of the hub axes and a shift to the external side of the chain line. This solution helps to fit tyres with an increased width, and also has a positive effect on the side rigidity of the whole bike, thus increasing control.

Rigid axles
Rigid axles of forks and rear-wheel hooks provide confidence when riding your bike, rigidity, and stable wheel mounting in the frame and shock absorbers. In Romet bicycles, they are applied in a growing number of models, including road bikes.

Flat Mount
Mounting the brake caliper directly to the frame without the use of adapters simplifies the construction and reduces the weight. This solution has been adopted in our bikes permanently and it is systematically being implemented in an increasing number of models.

The SRAM Eagle
We have broadened the use of the Eagle technology in the 2019 collection: 1x12 drive, also available in this year’s collection in the Mustang model.

12mm axle
A rigid axle used in the connections of rear-wheel dropouts, with dimensions of 142×12 mm, resulting in an increase in the rigidity of this element and an improvement in energy transfer.
flat mount disc
Mounting the brake caliper directly to the frame without the use of adapters simplifies the construction of the connection and reduces the weight.
tapered headtube
The use of bearings of different diameters in the headtube reduces the weight of this element while increasing the rigidity of the front of the bike and minimising the negative effects of overloading.
direct mount
Bezpośredni montaż przerzutki do ramy, co pozwala obniżyć masę całego roweru i jednocześnie podnosi precyzję przerzucania.
carbon lite
The pre-preg method of producing the carbon composite used in Romet bicycles provides an extremely favourable ratio of rigidity to strength and mass.
inner cable routing
The inner routing of cables and hydraulic lines means they can be protected from outside conditions and enables the creation of clean bike lines.
swift link
A suspension system with a variable pivot point, mounted on two active connectors. This system provides high suspension performance on uneven terrain and drive efficiency when going uphill.
Standard tyres with increased volume and surface contact with the ground. Improves traction and suspension.
Hubs with increased spacing: 110 mm front, 148 mm rear, and the chain line shifted 3 mm outward. This makes it possible to mount a Plus tyre, improves lateral rigidity, and has a positive influence on riding the bike.
post mount disc
Disk brake mounting integrated with the dropout, allowing comfortable adjustment and the reducing of the weight of the bike.
koło 29"
To koła w największym dostępnym standardzie rozmiarów. Zmniejszony kąt natarcia na przeszkodę umożliwia łatwiejsze pokonywanie nierówności oraz dodatnio wpływa na przyczepność i zachowanie prędkości.
al 6061 x-lite
A modern aluminium alloy, which, thanks to 30% higher strength, allows the use of thin-walled tubes, which further reduces the weight of the frame.
al 6061 lite
Lightweight aluminium 6061 alloy in which a favourable mass-to-strength ratio has been obtained thanks to T6 heat treatment.
hydroformed aluminium
High-pressure oil is used in the hydro-formation process to produce lightweight and strong aluminium tubes of exceptional shapes.
butted tubing
Butted tubing (the variable thickness of tube walls) means the weight of the frame can be reduced without decreasing its strength.
A traditional wheel clamp operated by a convenient lever.
eagle technology
An optimised 12-speed gear system for use with SRAM® components.
15 mm axle
A rigid axle used in the connections of the lower stanchions of suspension forks. Improves the rigidity and handling of the bike and ensures the easy and quick removal of the front wheel.